Project: Alabama Nursing Home Association

Matrix, LLC
August 1, 2010
Project: Walt Maddox
October 15, 2017

The Alabama Nursing Home Association (ANHA) was established as a statewide network of professionals dedicated to providing excellence and quality care for individuals living in Alabama’s skilled nursing facilities. As the oldest long-term health care association in Alabama, it reflects a diverse network of long-term care facility owners, operators and administrators.

ANHA is a long-time client of Matrix and one that isn’t afraid to do something fun every now and then. Health care contains a lot of facts and figures that are difficult to understand. In 2017, the Alabama Nursing Home Association wanted to conduct a social media shareable image campaign to better explain how the association and its members serve Alabamians. However, they didn’t know how to best illustrate them.

I created 30 vector Facebook shareables for this campaign. The bold, vibrant colors and playful graphics captured everyone’s hearts. Matson was so pleased with the shareables that they were made into workroom posters and t-shirts.

We gave Sarah examples we did not like from other organizations’ shareable image campaigns and a long list of nursing home facts we wanted her to illustrate. Sarah’s designs far exceeded our expectations! The more than two dozen images were consistent from beginning to end. The target audiences we reached responded favorably to the campaign. Our members were proud of the illustrations and the campaign results. We have since used the style Sarah created for this campaign in numerous print ads.

John Matson, Director of Communications, Alabama Nursing Home Association