Project: Walt Maddox

Project: Alabama Nursing Home Association
October 25, 2016
NDA-covered work
June 13, 2019

Walt Maddox has been mayor of the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama since 2005 and has been a Matrix client for almost as long. In October 2017, he officially announced his candidacy for Governor of Alabama and we launched his spectacular new website.

The new site followed the overall look and feel of all the materials produced for this campaign, including the use of bold, graphic icons and high quality imagery. During the campaign, the site featured online donations as well, but that has since been removed due to campaign finance laws. Over the course of the campaign, I was in charge of maintaining the backend health of the site as well as creating original artwork, making blog posts and updating photos from the campaign trail as needed.

In addition to the website, I also created a large amount of collateral material for the campaign including: a Mailchimp theme, 2 outdoor boards, 4 pushcards, 5 web banner ads, 19 Where’s Walt* YouTube videos, 45 fundraiser and event invitations and 60 custom Facebook shareables.

This website is now in the Library of Congress as part of the official records of the Alabama 2018 gubernatorial election.

*Where’s Walt was a weekly YouTube series originally created for the primary season. These videos gave Walt the opportunity to speak to Alabamians about the status of the campaign and update them on where he would be that week. The web series was so popular that we brought it back for the general election.

The original concept for the videos did not include any motion graphics, but I suggested adding them since many people do not watch videos with sound. Plus it gave me the opportunity to play with Adobe After Effects.

When a voter decides on a candidate, they look at many, sometimes maybe trivial, factors; something like the look and feel of his or her website could make the difference. Having a clean, modern, and fresh website for the Maddox campaign set the tone for a campaign with those same attributes. The easy to navigate, eye-catching layout made us proud to distribute the link to anyone looking for campaign information.

Madolyn Kirby, Campaign Manager